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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Advertising calendar from 1900

Today's images from an amazing flea market find:  a diecut triptych calendar from 1900. It's hard to believe something printed in 1899 could look so crisp and beautiful today. Only the creases are worn. 

The lovely gold-embossed illustrations were from an unlikely source:  a company that manufactured rubber boots! This calendar was compliments of Enterprise Rubber Company, 207 Congress Street, Boston. On the back of these lovely pictures are discussions of mortality statistics -- with emphasis on consumption and pneumonia -- and the importance of dry feet.  And speaking of unlikely, one of the models in the triptych is a gold miner... a 111-year-old precursor to modern-day calendars featuring photos of hunky firemen?

My favorite quotes from this amazing calendar: 

"The rubber shoe is almost the humblest article in the human wardrobe; and at the same time, it is one of the greatest life preservers of our modern civilization."  Zion's Herald

"When Goodyear discovered how to make rubbers, human longevity took a great bound forward."  Popular Science

Here are the images without the borders and dates.

Wishing you dry feet and a long, healthy life!


Coleen said...

I like 60's stuff, but I love this kinds of vintage. Just wish I had more time to create it.

Coleen in Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!
Frames calendars are as beautiful as the images!
Thank you so much!