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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage and ancient hand diagrams

I've always loved hands, and I have a small collection of hand shaped items. Today I'm sharing hand ephemera, including palmistry diagrams and ancient  illustrations of the hand.
Ancient frontispiece from book about metoposcopy (analyzing  the lines of the forehead)

Napoleon's hand, in sepia

Napoleon's hand, in black and white
Diagram showing the position of Zodiac signs in the hand

Palmistry diagram by Holmes W. Merton

Hope some of these diagrams will come in handy for you.  (oooh, that was bad. Sorry!)


Leslie said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing. Hands are fascinating and I'll get a lot of use from these.

bohemiannie! art said...

These are handy dandy. You are such a handsome soul!

Jessica Loughrey said...

just found these, thanks for sharing! i've been using hand images recently on my index cards for ICAD (index card a day), so these really will come in handy! LOL!