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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage ad cards

Vintage ad cards are fun ephemera finds.  They're usually colorful and have interesting content that reflects the era in which they were published.

This ad for Quaker sugar (who knew Quaker produced sugar at one time?) reminds me of early readers that featured Dick and Jane and Spot, their dog.  The "Dick and Jane" readers were first printed in the 1930s by textbook publisher Scott Foresman. The sugar packaging includes a copyright date of 1930, further evidence of the age of the ad. Despite torn corners and frayed edges, the colors on the original ad really are this bright; I didn't do any color enhancements.  That means the ad card spent a long time tucked into a book before it appeared at my favorite flea market.

This Carter's Ink ad card also dates to the 1930s.  In 1936, Carter's sold ink stands for the cube-shaped ink containers, so the containers of this shape had to have been produced prior to 1936.  Earlier Carter's ink bottles were round and the earliest had cork stoppers, so these cubes were the height of modern at the time! A previous owner of this ad card was so proud of it, he wrote his name on it in ink.  I left it instead of cloning it out; if anyone wants the ad without the signature, I'll be glad to edit it and send it to you.

The third vintage card advertises wagons made by Ballantine & Van Fleets, a carriage company in Somerville, NJ, in the late 1800s.  The language is funny, isn't it?  "Do you want a wagon of any kind -- If so --"  I love the quaint school clothes the boy is wearing.  How times have changed!

Hope you are enjoying these vintage goodies!  I'd love to hear from you in the Comments.


Lola G. said...

I'm really enjoying the variety of the images that you've posted so far. So much of the time you see a particular "style" that may or may not appeal, but I really love the combination of goodies I've seen here. I'll be keeping an eye out for more -- thank you so much for the fun and inspiration!

DJ said...

I really enjoy these. Thanks so much for sharing!

Paula said...

Ooo! So pretty! And I would love to have a copy of the Carter's Ink ad without the signature on it. Can you please send it to me?