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Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage postcards with bluebirds

I've always loved bluebird images...  Over the weekend, I got a glimpse of a beautiful bluebird in my back yard, and it was a treat to find these bluebird postcards at a flea market the very same day!

Aren't the messages sweet?

Wishing you sunshine and happiness!



Tiffany said...

they are lovely

Suzanne said...

I love all of your vintage items!

Rita A. said...

I love the bluebirds and the ladies above. The sentiments with the bluebirds are so nice. Wouldn't it make you feel wonderful to get one of those in the mail.

Ashley Calder said...

These birdies are so sweet. I have an old postcard with a similar feel to these, and it is one of my favourites to put out in the spring and summer months

Anonymous said...

Sweet bluebirds!
Thank you!