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Friday, October 7, 2011

More vintage postcards: Haughty ladies and naughty ladies

I have more vintage postcards to share with you today.  The first two feature ladies who are dressed to kill, and the second pair show ladies who are misbehaving.

An artist named Jan Marcos illustrated the two postcards below, ladies with hats and other finery. These postcards were printed in Italy. 

Dressed to the nines, brown eyes

Dressed to the nines, blue eyes

The postcards below show ladies who are up to something.  I'm thinking the image of the woman in her bathing costume at a creek was pretty risque in its day. The second image shows a beautifully dressed woman sitting on the back of a chair making martini glasses tinkle. Interesting image, isn't it? I imagine she had had a few martinis before she climbed up on the chair. Notice the faces on the martini glasses.

Barefoot beauty

Martini glass music maker

Behave this weekend!


Leslie said...

These are marvelous. I especially like the lady making music with the martini glasses. She looks like the life of the party - any party!
Thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...

These are fabulous! Thanks so much, Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ladies! I love the history of fashion and, so I love these images! Beautiful hats!!! It's amazing and so kind and generous of you to share such beautiful pictures. Ouah!
Thank you so much!