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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vintage 1950s beauty products

Today's vintage ephemera includes more ladies' beauty products.  The asterisk on the 1955 Gayla bobby pin packaging below fascinated me...  What was simulated?  Turns out these bobby pins have simulated rubber tips!  

Gayla Hold-Bob Bobby Pins with Flexi-Grip and simulated rubber tips

I've posted hairnet packaging before.  This Lovely Lady package is not as colorful as the others, but I like the image, and I love the company name:  Sta-Rite Ginnie-Lou Inc. Hyphenation at its finest.

Notice how the blond woman on the Gayla package and the woman on the Lovely Lady package are both looking downward? Were the designers going for demure? Flirty? Subservient? 

Lovely Lady Hair Net package 

Also notice that the woman on the Lovely Lady Hairnet package does NOT appear to be wearing a hairnet... whereas the ladies in the photograph below are rocking the hairnets!

Lunch ladies?
More vintage hairnet packaging is here, in case you missed it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage and ancient hand diagrams

I've always loved hands, and I have a small collection of hand shaped items. Today I'm sharing hand ephemera, including palmistry diagrams and ancient  illustrations of the hand.
Ancient frontispiece from book about metoposcopy (analyzing  the lines of the forehead)

Napoleon's hand, in sepia

Napoleon's hand, in black and white
Diagram showing the position of Zodiac signs in the hand

Palmistry diagram by Holmes W. Merton

Hope some of these diagrams will come in handy for you.  (oooh, that was bad. Sorry!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Art Deco postcards by C.E. Shand

More vintage postcards today. These lovely postcards feature Art Deco illustrations by C.E. Shand. I think her artwork is enchanting!

Hope your Sunday is enchanting!

Friday, October 7, 2011

More vintage postcards: Haughty ladies and naughty ladies

I have more vintage postcards to share with you today.  The first two feature ladies who are dressed to kill, and the second pair show ladies who are misbehaving.

An artist named Jan Marcos illustrated the two postcards below, ladies with hats and other finery. These postcards were printed in Italy. 

Dressed to the nines, brown eyes

Dressed to the nines, blue eyes

The postcards below show ladies who are up to something.  I'm thinking the image of the woman in her bathing costume at a creek was pretty risque in its day. The second image shows a beautifully dressed woman sitting on the back of a chair making martini glasses tinkle. Interesting image, isn't it? I imagine she had had a few martinis before she climbed up on the chair. Notice the faces on the martini glasses.

Barefoot beauty

Martini glass music maker

Behave this weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage postcards: Girls with flower hats

Four lovely girls with beautiful flower hats.  I'm looking for information about the artist; will update this post when I find out more.