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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bird images from vintage greeting cards

By special request, I'm sharing more bird images today.  If your mom loves birds as much as this mom, you may want to use a bird image on a handmade Mother's Day card.  These birds come from vintage greeting cards.  Some of the cards feature gold trim, vellum, embossing and fine glitter, yet the prices ranged from 15 to 25 cents!

I removed the text from most of the cards, but wanted you to see the "passion" message because the script is so lovely.  Then I uploaded the same card front with the words  removed so you can download it as a border, too.

Images of bluebirds holding ribbon always make me smile!  Wishing you lots of smiles today!


anniegetyourgluegun said...

Gorgeous images. These are some of my favorites!
Thanks for sharing them! said...

thank you for all of these images - I am enjoying them very much! I appreciate you sharing them!

marie said...

I saw these on Pinterest...they're beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!!

Anonymous said...

So nice and pretty vintage little birds!
Thank you so much.

FabCakeLady said...

These are lovely. Did a download for each and have plans to use the Bluebirds & Ribbons for a tea party for my granddaughters. Thanks so much for sharing!