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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage women's fashion

Vintage magazine ads and vintage sewing patterns are great sources of information about fashion over the years.  These images from the 1940s suggest that women wore hats and white gloves, dresses featured decorative trim and often had pockets, heels were high, and the ideal waist was tiny.  These tiny waists are interesting because movie stars in that day had more ample figures, with a few exceptions such as Vivien Leigh. Was this the start of a shift towards today's unhealthy ideal of an ultra thin female body?

Women's fashions from the 1940s

1940s fashions


Paula said...

Bonnie... I just LOVE all your vintage ephemera!
You have a lovely variety. Can't wait to see more!

I've made a "badge button" from one of your posts, and put it in the sidebar of my blog to link others to visit your blog.

First... I hope that's OK. Please check it out and LMK for sure. I'll remove it if you'd rather I didn't have it there.

Second, I'd like to "post" about your blog and put a few different ephemera pics you have in my post. May I do that? Again, please LMK.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Paula. I love the blog badge you made -- and I'm delighted that you are linking here from your blog. Thank you! I've been out of town at a funeral and at a wedding, but I will post more goodies as soon as I catch up!

Anonymous said...

I love vintage and old fashion images. We can do some wonderful things with these images and these are my favorite for craft.
Thank so much!