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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Using paper scraps

Sometimes I find it hard to throw things away... that's one reason I have so much ephemera to share!  But bits and pieces of scrapbook paper and ephemera can really pile up if you save them all, so I love projects that allow me to use those bits and pieces.  Here are a few ideas for you if you, too, are a scrap saver.

Birthday card made with leftover strips of scrapbook paper
I have a Genesis Paper Trimmer, which makes perfect straight cuts, so I end up with many long straight strips of paper after making greeting cards and other projects. These thin, perfectly even strips are perfect for birthday candles, so this was a quick, simple card to make with my scraps.
Old notebook covered with paper tape and decorative scraps
Before: Beat-up notebooks before "renovations"
I bought these dog-eared Neatbooks at a flea market for a quarter each.  The covers were bent and frayed, but the inside pages were in like-new condition, which made these books perfect candidates for new covers!  I use these in my purse and in my car for jotting down notes, ideas and "to do" lists.

Watch for more ideas for using scraps in a future post.


DJ said...

The candle card is adorable! I have a ton of scraps also and I always feel accomplished when I use them. I make bookmarks from card stock leftovers and magazine pictures to donate to our hospital volunteer library. I also like to use paper scraps in iris folding and paper quilt cards. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...