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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Class photo

Class photos are always fascinating...  I love to study the clothes the children (and teachers) are wearing, the posture, the expressions on the faces.  

I found this one at a California flea market, and it seems to be from the area. I'm guessing this is a class from the 1940s because of the teacher's coat, shoes and hairstyle.

At least 10 of the boys are wearing overalls, and at least one of them is barefoot. Some of the kids are in short or rolled-up sleeves, but the teacher wears what looks to be a very warm coat. Notice how the teacher stands at a bit of a distance from her pupils?  I wonder if this says anything about her relationship with those students.  Only a few of the children are smiling.  

You can left click the photo to see and download a large version. If you use any of the ephemera shared here, I'd love to see photos of your projects!

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