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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Using vintage finds for storage and display

Yesterday you saw vintage metal picnic tins, antique sugar jars and canisters, a vintage red toolbox and a gas station map case used for art supply storage.  Here are more studio pictures with a few more ideas for using non-traditional and vintage items to store and display art supplies and collections.  

Spice racks aren't just for spices.  This one holds a collection of vintage office supplies.  Spice racks can also display paints, rubber stamps or other art tools.

 An old metal feed scoop and a vintage crock holds markers.

A metal grain scoop works well for displaying vintage wooden rulers.

Many artists buy thrift store Scrabble games for the letter tiles; here's another way to use the wooden racks. They're perfect for displaying small collections. (These vintage watercolor tins kept falling off the racks, so I put a dab of BluTac behind the tins to keep everything standing.)  Scrabble boards can be cut down to make cute repurposed journal covers, too.  ALL the contents of a Scrabble box can be used for art projects!

I'd love to hear your non-traditional storage and display ideas -- please share your ideas in the Comments!

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